Triangulation Source Code

Triangulation was my first attempt at a Flash game and was started from the fantastic tutorial at I'll admit that at first I was hoping the game would be so great that it would lead me to take over the whole world. I added advertising from Mochi and was just waiting until I could quit my day job. Well, as I write this some four months later, I have yet to break the elusive $10 barrier in ad revenue. Also, during that time, I have discovered more and more absolutely outstanding open-source programs available on the web (list of my favorite) -- programs that a community of coders have donated countless hours of their blood, sweat and tears to making.

Clearly, I am the beneficiary of their efforts to the tune of thousands of dollars, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that it seemed silly to be stingy with the code for a game that I started from a tutorial, and may if things go extremely well, some day pay for a chain restaurant dinner for two. So, here is the source code for Triangulation:

I commented out the code that pulls the opening ad from Mochi as well as the code that posts players' scores to the high score list, also at Mochi, but other than that the code is complete. I hope at least a few people will find this helpful in developing their own web games.

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