Pear School Art Contest

Have you noticed that when you go to the next level in Pear School, that the transition is a little dull? Well you can help change that! Help design artwork for the "next level" screens in Pear School. If your artwork is selected, your name and/or link to your website will appear with your artwork for all to see.

Pear School Artwork

To the left is the existing artwork that appears when the game begins and on the "game over" screen. In case it is not obvious, the pear is the teacher and the other objects are the teacher's desk and blackboard. Please follow this theme of a pear shaped teacher. Perhaps you could put the teacher in other school scenes, for example, with students or reading from a book. Feel free to change the color and size of the pear, but please don't change the shape as it is the same as the wildcard pear found in the game. Have fun and be creative!

Submissions will be reviewed and those passing review will be displayed on this page. If more than the ten or so images needed for the game pass review then there will be an online vote held and the winners will be added to the game.

Images may be modified for consistency and to make them work in the game. All files must be in svg format. "svg" stands for scalable vector graphics. Unlike bitmap formats, svg images can be increased in size without any loss of image quality. All images in the game are scalable, so that the game can be played in full screen mode without any pixelation. Here is the above image in svg format:


Most of the graphics in Pear School were made using Inkscape. Inkscape is a free open-source program and you can find many great tutorials online on its use.

Please email all submissions to:

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


We have our first entry! From Ashley Downs

Pear School Artwork Entry 1

Thanks to the promoters of this contest

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