Free Open-Source Programs

Here is a list of the open-source programs that I use the most. It's really amazing what is available, and what can be accomplished in an open, collaborative environment.

Inkscape, a scalable vector graphics (svg) editor

GIMP, an image editor

Blender, a 3d graphics application

Audacity, an audio editor

FlashDevelop, a source code editor for writing Flash programs

CamStudio, screen recording software

VLC media player, a multimedia player

AutoHotkey, a macro-creation and automation software utility

WikidPad, a Wiki-like notebook

Vim, a text editor

Cygwin, a Linux-like environment for Windows

R, statistical software

OpenOffice, an office suite

WampServer, Apache webserver, MySQL database, and PHP scripting on Windows

FileZilla, an ftp client

PeaZip, an archive manager

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